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Program Day One
9:30 — 11:00 am TurnItIn pre-conference workshop
11:00 — 12:00 pm ASCILITE Annual General Meeting (AGM) Connect
12:00 — 1:15 pm
Welcome Professor Steven Warburton, Conference Co-Convenor, Acting PVCAI, University of New England
Acknowledgement of Country Donna Moodie Lecturer, School of Education, University of New England
Welcome and Opening Address Professor Brigid Heywood, VC and CEO, University of New England
Address by ASCILITE President Dr Chris Campbell
Keynote Speaker Professor Shane Dawson, Executive Dean of Education Futures and Co-Director of Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning, University of South Australia


1:15 — 1:30 pm — Grab a cuppa —
1:30 — 3:00 pm Breakout Zoom Session 1

Session 1 - Stream A

Theme: Learning design

Chair: Steve Grono


Bend me, stretch me: connecting learning design to choice - Carmen Vallis and Courtney Shalavin
ID: 32

Rising to the occasion: Exploring the changing emphasis on educational design during COVID-19 - Amanda Bellaby, Michael Sankey and Louis Albert
ID: 64

Excellence in design for online business - Annora Eyt-Dessus and Leonard Houx
ID: 81

Session 1 - Stream B

Theme: Transforming assessment

Chair: Mathew Hillier


A spectrum of assessments - Rina Shvartsman and Stephen Abblitt
ID: 35

Learning from COVID-19 to futureproof assessment in Business Education - Sandra Barker, Harsh Suri, Brent Gregory, Audrea Warner, Amanda White, Vivek Venkiteswaran and Una Lightfoot
ID: 70

Modelling the impact of alternative educational qualifications on the New Zealand higher education system - Stephen Marshall
ID: 73

Session 1 - Stream C

Theme: Student success

Chair: Thom Cochrane


Dealing with Diversity: Factors discouraging participation of Māori and Pacifica females in ICT education - Scott Morton, Petrea Redmond and Peter Albion
ID: 4

Active learning in the time of the pandemic: Report from the eye of the storm - Iwona Czaplinski, Christine Devine, Martin Sillence, Andrew Fielding, Oliver Gaede and Christoph Schrank
ID: 11

Investigating links between students’ agency experiences in digital educational interactions, participation and academic performance - Maria Hvid Stenalt
ID: 82

Session 1 - Stream D

sponsored by Blackboard Inc

Chair: Jacqueline Bates

Pecha Kucha

For a full list of Pecha Kucha presentations click here


3:00 — 3:30 pm — Break + Activating Students with Self & Peer Assessment and Collaborative Learning using FeedbackFruits
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3:30 — 5:00 pm Breakout Session 2

Session 2 - Stream A

Theme: Learning design

Chair: Jennifer Lawrence


Reimagining IL teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic:  Research and evidence-based practice skills training redesigned for online delivery. - Fiona Jones, Abigail Baker, Raymond A'Court and Jo Hardy
ID: 56

Learning from a rapid transition to emergency remote teaching: Developing a typology of online business education designs - Elaine Huber, Celina McEwen, Peter Bryant, Matthew Taylor, Natasha Arthars and Henry Boateng
ID: 77

Promoting student engagement and preparation in flipped learning’s pre-class activities – A systematic review - Jessica Shan Mei Yang
ID: 9

Session 2 - Stream B

Theme: Transforming assessment

Chair: Sandy Barker


The benefits of creating open educational resources as assessment in an online education course - Eseta Tualaulelei
ID: 16

(e)Portfolio: a history - Orna Farrell
ID: 13

Assessing esport candidacy for critical thinking education - Ger Post and James Birt
ID: 20

Collaborative approach and lessons learnt from transitioning to remotely invigilated online examinations - Vinh Tran, Justin Chu and Jasmine Cheng
ID: 48

Session 2 - Stream C

Themes: Student success, Next generation learning environments

Chair: Mitch Parkes


Applications for Virtual Reality Experiences in Tertiary Education - Ghaith Zakaria and Sonia Wilkie
ID: 68

The post-pandemic blended university in the time of digitisation - Philip Uys and Mike Douse
ID: 6

Predictors of students’ perceived learning in off-campus learning environment: Online interactions are not enough - David Kwok
ID: 23

Emergency responses to teaching, assessment and student support during the COVID-19 pandemic - Alison Reedy, Kalie Carmichael and Oriel Kelly
ID: 67

Session 2 - Stream D

sponsored by FeedbackFruits

Pecha Kucha

For a full list of Pecha Kucha presentations click here


Program Day Two
8:45 — 9:30 am ASCILITE, AJET, Best Paper and ACODE TEL Awards Connect
9:30 — 4:00 pm Bench in the Sun - an open social spaceConnect
9:30 — 11:00 am Breakout Zoom Session 3

Session 3 - Stream A

Theme: Learning design

Chair: David Porter


Maybe It's Us: Imagining Organisational Learning Design - Sarah Thorneycroft
ID: 41

Three arrows models in the developing of new digital learning experiences - Pablo Riveros, Mika Tamura and Jin Tanaka
ID: 51

Should we care about what the students do? Challenging how we design for online learning - Bettina Schwenger
ID: 52

The Value of Design Patterns in Designing Teaching in Online Settings - Steven Warburton and Mark Perry
ID: 55

Session 3 - Stream B

Theme: Transforming assessment

Chair: Mark Shier


Development of a rubric to assess student participation in an online discussion board - Elizabeth Ware
ID: 58

Online Supervised Exams: Entering the 4th Year at UNE - Jennifer Lawrence and Kylie Day
ID: 63

Transforming Assessment – Critical reflections around resolving tensions between assessment for learning and of learning - Sabina Cerimagic and Priya Khanna
ID: 78

Using FeedbackFruits to enhance student learning: Scaling for transformative implementation - Chris Campbell, Lenka Borer and Sheila McCarthy
ID: 88

Session 3 - Stream C

Theme: Next generation learning environments

Chair: Will Billingsley


Role of Social Interactions during Digital Game-based Learning in Science Education: A Systematic Review - Pey-Yng Low
ID: 18

Investigating the characteristics of MOOCs: A case study - Jennifer W.M. Lai, Matt Bower, Yvonne Breyer and John De Nobile
ID: 24

Revisiting the Intelligent Book: Towards Seamless Intelligent Content and Continuously Deployed Courses - William Billingsley
ID: 79

Session 3 - Stream D

sponsored by Echo 360

Chair: Mitch Parkes

Pecha Kucha

For a full list of Pecha Kucha presentations click here


11:00 — 11:30 am — Break + Three Ways Anyone Can Run Labs Online using Blackboard Collaborate
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11:30 — 1:00 pm Breakout Zoom Session 4

Session 4 - Stream A

Theme: Learning design

Chair: Brent Gregory


Making engaging online videos: What can higher education teachers learn from YouTubers? - Neil Cowie and Keiko Sakui
ID: 7

Process not product: negotiating innovative interdisciplinary honours outcomes - Grant Ellmers and Chris Moore
ID: 19

A collaborative design model to support hybrid learning environments during COVID19 - Thomas Cochrane, James Birt, Neil Cowie, Chris Deneen, Paul Goldacre, Vickel Narayan, Lisa Ransom, David Sinfield and Tom Worthington
ID: 36

Session 4 - Stream B

Theme: Continuing professional learning

Chair: Bronwyn Disseldorp


How do we value academic time? - Mark Schier
ID: 37

Strategies for improving use of text-matching software by staff - Miriam Sullivan and Miela Kolomaznik
ID: 46

Rapid response to supporting learning and teaching: A whole of university approach - Chris Campbell and Simone Poulsen
ID: 54

Session 4 - Stream C

Themes: Continuing professional learning, Next generation learning environments

Chair: Kylie Day


A mobile ecology of resources for Covid-19 learning - Vickel Narayan, Thomas Cochrane, Neil Cowie, James Birt, Meredith Hinze, Paul Goldacre, Chris Deneen, Lisa Ransom, David Sinfield and Tom Worthington
ID: 40

On effective technology integration in accounting and business education - Marina Thomas and Valeri Chukhlomin
ID: 10

Next generation technology for learning practical skills online - Elise Crawford, Frank Bogna, Aldo Raineri and Ryan L. Kift
ID: 59

Creating a digital learning ecosystem to facilitate authentic place-based learning and international collaboration – a coastal case study - Elisa Bone, Richard Greenfield, Gray Williams and Bayden Russell
ID: 84

Session 4 - Stream D


Why you should join the ASCILITE Community Mentoring Program (CMP): Reflections, Motivations & Panel Discussion with the 2020 CMP Cohort

1:00 — 2:30 pm — Lunch + extra activities —
Our synergistic SIGS: Collaborating to tackle the big challenges facing higher education and Zoomba
Read extra activity information here
2:30 — 4:00 pm Breakout Zoom Session 5

Session 5 - Stream A

Theme: Learning analytics

Chair: Mitch Parkes


Understanding Learning Analytics Indicators for Predicting Study Success - Dirk Ifenthaler and Jane Yin-Kim Yau
ID: 1

Content analytics for curriculum review: A learning analytics use case for exploration of learner context - Leah P. Macfadyen
ID: 2

Peering into the crystal ball of the disengaged: What happens to students that do not submit an early assessment item? - Kelly Linden, Neil Van Der Ploeg, Ben Hicks, Madeline Wright and Prue Gonzalez
ID: 44

Widening the net to reduce the debt: Reducing student debt by increasing identification of completely disengaged students - Neil van der Ploeg, Kelly Linden, Ben Hicks and Prue Gonzalez
ID: 45

Session 5 - Stream B

Themes: Continuing professional learning, Learning analytics

Chair: Sandy Barker


An Interactive Virtual Reality Physics Instructional Environment based on Vygotskian Educational Theory - Michael Cowling and Robert Vanderburg
ID: 25

Supporting the transition to online teaching through evidence-based professional development - Darci Taylor and Joanne Elliott
ID: 22

Immersive professional learning to foster technology-enabled peer-review - Gayani Samarawickrema and Olga Gavrilenko
ID: 57

Writing Analytics Across Essay Tasks with Different Cognitive Load Demands - Eduardo Oliveira, Rianne Conijn, Paula de Barba, Kelly Trezise, Menno Van Zaanen and Gregor Kennedy
ID: 39

Session 5 - Stream C

Chair: Sue Gregory


2019 Community Fellow Award winner presentation

Since forming in 2016, the TELedvisors network has grown to 500 members across 10 countries, working in HE, VET and L&D. It serves as a community of practitioners for people working as learning designers, education technologists, academic developers and similar roles. Join TELedvisors co-founder Colin Simpson to learn how and why this group successfully engages and supports its members, and what's next.

Activating Students with Self & Peer Assessment and Collaborative Learning using FeedbackFruits

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Session 5 - Stream D

Chair: Michael Henderson



2:30pm - 3:15pm -- Speed editing with an editor of AJET

3:15pm-4:00pm -- Becoming an AJET author or reviewer

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4:00 — 4:30 pm Close Connect

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