Extra Activities

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Please find below information on the extra activities run over Zoom on the second day of the conference between 1:00 — 2:30 pm.

Note: The buttons to connect will become active on the day the conference begins.


Our synergistic SIGS: Collaborating to tackle the big challenges facing higher education

This interactive session will introduce delegates to all of the ASCILITE SIGs and involve discussion of how we can all work together to tackle some of the challenges facing higher education. The first half hour will feature a panel drawn from the SIG Leaders followed by a general discussion. We will then break out into 4 sessions each discussing solutions to one of these challenge and finally we will all come back together to consider priorities for the ASCILITE community.

Please join the main session here  |  Connect

The four challenges will then be discussed in the following rooms

More information about each of our SIGS can be found at



We’ve organised a fun Zoomba session to get you out of your seat and moving about. We’ll start at 1.20 for 20mins  |  Connect


General networking

If you’d rather have a cuppa and network with other participants then this is the space for you  |  Connect

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